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Tori King – 100 AM Chicken Ramen

Tori King Ramen 1
RETURN GRADE: Definitely!

RAMEN GRADE: 8 out of ten

The now famous chicken ramen place had recently opened here at 100AM, rather close to their old tonkotsu king ramen shop. If you come here at virtually anytime you’ll be greeted by a rather long queue of people waiting to get in.

The ramen here is very very good. The broth is a serious and flavorful chicken base beyond nearly all other chicken bases.  The noodles are cooked how you like and the wasabi paste sauce is an interesting touch. The chicken is nicely roasted and very filling. The egg and everything else is top notch.

Despite everything being so good, we just cannot come back as we do with the tonkotsu king branch. We’re talking about ramen here, and that means I want it with pork. For what it is and what it competes against it’s the best, but it’s just not what we want most of the time when we think of ramen.

Tori King Ramen 2
Tori King
#03-15, 100AM
100 Tras Street

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