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Galbiati – Rail Mall Italian

Galbiati Rail Mall

WESTERN FOOD GRADE: 8 out of ten

This was the first decent Italian I had after coming to Singapore a few years back. The place is small but tends to attract locals and expats mostly. The owner is friendly and will typically check how the food was with you. This is also where I came for lunch on the first date with my now wife.

The pizza here is crispy, square and nearly identical to what you get in Rome from the street vendors. The pasta here is always cooked properly with fresh ingredients. The creamy sausage filled risotto is my favorite item here though, very tasty. I’ve never had bad food here and the service is always friendly, a great experience every time.

Galbiati Pizza
Galbiati Lamb Shank
Galbiati Gourmet
Rail Mall
400 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 678050
6462 0926

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