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Masa-lah – Northern Indian Food

chicken tikka masala

Masa-lah chicken tikka masala

RETURN GRADE: Definitely!

INDIAN FOOD GRADE: 6.5 out of ten

This was very enjoyable. Total cost to get all this food was 14$. For some background this is just inside the newish 100 AM mall in tanjong pagar, at the koufu food court.

Serving northern Indian food, Masa-lah has a few branches around Singapore and I believe this is their most recent one. Tucked inside a mall food court, we might normally avoid this one but it turned out quite well.

The chicken tikka masala is only 7$ and comes loaded with tandoori chicken in a smooth, tasty sauce. It tastes like it should and not too spicy. The naan was fresh and crispy and chewy at the same time.

The papadam was nice and crispy and was almost better than the naan. The rice was properly cooked and not too soft as is common.

The mango lasi was tasty and finally the samosa was hot and crispy.

Maybe it was just good timing but the food only took about 5 minutes and tasted incredibly fresh.

Nothing innovative, but dependable, fresh, and a great value overall.

samosa, naan, papadamMasa-Lah
100 Tras Street
100AM Mall, L4

One thought on “Masa-lah – Northern Indian Food

  1. Hi
    The person at the cashier is very rude @ the indian stall and not at all cordial while serving.He has a lot of altitude for no reason. He is driving away the customers with this kind of behaviour. Kindly replace him by older staff who were much more friendly and cordial.

    Thank you

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