Bistecca Tuscan Grill

Bistecca Tuscan Grill, steakRETURN GRADE: definitely!

STEAK GRADE: 10 out of ten

I’ll be blunt here, this was the best steak I’ve ever had. 

I’ve had many many steaks all over the world and while I know I am no expert on top grade wagyu, cross breeds, and high end farms, this steak was spectacular… and massive.

Made a reservation for 6 pm – when they open – and when we arrived we were the first people there for dinner. The artwork is dumbing and really stands out. The temperature is comfortable to the point where you don’t notice it, the staff is very friendly, and finally the kitchen is glassed in to allow you to watch your steak being cooked.

Came back after washing my hands and noticed the enormous piece of steak on the grill.

We prefer our steak to be medium rare, gristle free, very very fatty, char grilled and with the marbling extensive. The only thing about high end wagyu is that you cannot eat so much of it as a proper steak, it works better with yakiniku typically. The steak here wasn’t too high a grade wagyu so as to make it less enjoyable, but rather struck a balance to make it the best streak we’ve had so far in Singapore.

It was char grilled, very fatty, juicy, and cooked properly. It really was delicious despite being very expensive. There are a few more steak places in Singapore to try before we can come back though.

Apologies for the picture above and the lack of any more, we took many pictures while we were there but these were somehow lost…

Bistecca Tuscan Grill

25 Mohamed Sultan Rd
6735 6739

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