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RETURN GRADE: will definitely return 

WESTERN FOOD GRADE: 7 out of ten 

 Another very acceptable place in icon! We have been back here a few times and to me, this is the best value for steak that I’ve come across in Singapore. Our first time we came for dinner and tried the mixed grill. This was actually disappointing as the lamb and chicken and everything else didn’t really impress – but the steak stood out even for a middle of the road cut. Their lamb empanadas were very enjoyable though. 

Our second time brought us there on a Sunday to try their brunch buffet where you still order an entree. This time I ordered the rack of lamb and princess her steak (she loves her steak). The lamb was cooked properly with delicious fat and was properly seasoned. The steak was also well seasoned, cooked right and nice and juicy. Very flavorful. Great value overall. 

 The third time we just came back for dinner. Princess again got her steak and I wanted to try the burger. The steak was great as always and the sweet potato fries were nice if only a bit too heavy. The burger was very flavorful, but as an American it didn’t feel right. It was overly seasoned and mixed with too much other stuff which took away from the natural flavor from the beef while making it too overwhelming and thus not enjoyable after having a few bites. 

 The lesson here is that if you’re going to a steak place, order a steak. The steak here is great and for under 40 it’s a great deal for the quality you get.

ICON Village
12 Gopeng Street
6225 8443

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