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Cugini – SG Italian

RETURN GRADE: maybe for the pizza 

WESTERN FOOD GRADE: 5 out of ten 

Traipsing around Ann Siang Hill last night, we made our way over to Les Bouchans for a steak after reading the reviews online. Unfortunately, even though they hadn’t even opened yet, their “first seating” was fully packed with reservations. This led us to try cujini pizzeria just a short walk over. 

The staff was friendly and attentive when we first arrived, but it soon became obvious that they were definitely understaffed as soon as the restaurant filled up. Inside of the place was comfortable with a well set mood. We had mixed feelings from this point on.

We ordered the minced lamb ravioli and the steak special that night. The lamb filling was a bit dry and the ravioli itself wasn’t thE texture I was looking for. The sauce for it was very nice. They only gave us five pieces though and for 27$ this was disappointing. The steak arrived, all 200g of it for 50$. It was tender and cooked properly, but tasted a bit dry as if it had been frozen first. The sauce for the steak and the potatoes it came with as a side were delicious though. I’m a sucker for well made sauces. The panna cotta was nice but a bit more gelatin like than princess prefers. 

As we walked out we noticed the large pasta portions and nice looking pizzas on all the other tables. Unfortunately i had been craving ravioli and princess her steak, so maybe we just ordered the wrong thing but even though the flavors were mostly quite nice, the value just wasn’t there.

87 Club Street
+65 6221 3791

2 thoughts on “Cugini – SG Italian

  1. cugini’s pastas and pizzas are amazing…

    try the mullet roe pasta aka bottarga and the diavola pizza and u might change yr mind abt the place

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